ZHAO Public License Agreement

By learning any food information disseminated by ZHAO, you agree to and abide by this license.

This authorization "ZHAO Public License (ZPL)" is issued by the ZHAO trademark holder.

Terms and conditions

1. Protection scope

The name, method of production, video, text, pictures and other information published by ZHAO through various channels are all within the scope of protection.

2. Authorized object

All users and organizations that learn or quote information published by ZHAO (including paid and free)

3. Basic license

This license allows you to disseminate information indefinitely, but does not allow modification.

Every transmission must indicate the source of the ZHAO trademark.

Prohibited for commercial use.

Prohibition to modify and redistribute (including renaming or citing the original name)

4. Downstream automatic authorization

Each time you spread, the downstream recipient automatically receives an authorization for the same rights and obligations.

5. Termination of authorization

You may only continue to transmit without the express authorization of this license. Any dissemination or use beyond the scope of the license is illegal and will result in termination of the license.